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There is an issue that I would like to shine some light on, and that is the use of plastic straws.

There are so many reasons why we should decrease the usage of plastic straws and plastic bags. Million of tons of garbage and plastic is thrown into the ocean every year. It is like a garbage truck dumping garbage and plastic into the ocean every minute. There is so much plastic pollution in this world that scientists and researchers have said that in the year 2050, the weight of plastic will outweigh the weight of fish in the ocean.

We can’t burn plastic because burning it creates dangerous dioxide emissions that are very harmful to our health and the environment, so the best way to help stop the pollution of plastic is to stop the high demand for it. This will decrease the production of plastic.

There are small things that we can all do to help this environmental issue, and it will have a large positive impact if we all do our part.

One thing we can all do to help is say no to plastic straws at restaurants and fast food places. If we all do this it will have a tremendously positive impact on our environment. Another thing we can do is use eco-friendly straws such as bamboo straws, paper straws, steel straws, and glass straws. These options are much more eco-friendly. I would probably recommend the bamboo, steel, and glass straws more because they are more durable and reusable than the paper straws. The benefit of paper straws is that they are more easily recyclable than their plastic counterparts. So it’s each person’s preference.


It is so simple to give up plastic straws, but the benefits that the environment reaps from us doing so is amazing.


Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to read my post, I am going out of the country in a few weeks so I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures and show all of you guys the beauty of Asia 🙂

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