My journey to Sri Lanka

Hi guys! I went to Sri Lanka over the summer and I wanted to share my experience with you! I wrote this article for my friend for his beach website, as I am the only person he knows who has been to Sri Lanka, which by the way has some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see! I will put a link to his website below if you’re interested in looking at his website 🙂

Sri Lanka is one of those countries that brings you so much warmth that you’re filled to the brim with joy and peace. When I went there this past summer, it changed my perspective on a lot of things. People in North America stress too much about little things and let it ruin their day, I’m guilty of that sometimes too if we’re being completely honest. Feeling that ocean breeze and just relaxing on the beach brought me an immense amount of happiness and peace. People even catch live fish their and they can cook it there too, it is delicious. When you eat live fish compared to frozen or store-bought fish, you’ll never want to eat fish bought from the grocery store ever again. One of the beaches I went to was Galle Face Green beach. The entire Galle face strip was filled with thousands of people, tourists and local residents alike. The strip was filled with food vendors selling chicken. Fish, popcorn, nuts, etc. They were also selling souvenir items like magnets and t-shirts to name a few. When I went into the ocean I could immediately tell how salty the water was just by the smell and feel of the water. The current was so strong and the waves were getting bigger and bigger as the day went on. It’s not everyday one gets to be in the Indian ocean, and I was enjoying every bit of it. The beaches near the resorts were quite different compared to the Galle Face beach. The beaches in the resorts were breathtaking. One truly can’t even begin to imagine how beautiful these beaches were unless they’re there and experience it themselves. If you like tropical islands, then you will think this is paradise. The palm trees, the blue ocean, the beautiful light sand, I’ve been to Cuban beaches before that were beautiful but this was an entirely different breathtaking experience altogether. If you want to stay at a resort, there are a few options. You can stay at a resort hotel or you can stay in a villa. If you stay in a villa it is like staying in your own little house, it is really cool. Not to mention the food at the resorts was amazing. There are even beaches where you can go whale and dolphin watching! Unfortunately I never got to go whale and dolphin watching, but next time I go to Sri Lanka I will have to experience that. It’s a long trip to go to Sri Lanka from Canada, but it is well worth it. The food, the people, the atmosphere, everything is just amazing there. I love Canada, but Sri Lanka was a nice getaway from reality. As beautiful of a country, Canada is, the beaches in Canada are not comparable to the beaches in Sri Lanka. The warm deep blue water, the beautiful sand and the palm trees everywhere, the atmosphere is completely different. Sri Lanka is so filled with warm and kind people, and it just made the trip that much more special.


I hope you guys liked my article! I always have so much sharing stuff with you guys 🙂


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