My five tips to becoming more eco-friendly

Hey everyone! As you guys get to know me, you will realize that one thing I am very passionate about is the environment! I love doing my part in helping the environment in any way that I can. I wanted to share a few easy tips with you guys so that you guys can see how easy it is to help the environment too! If everyone does small things to help the environment, we can make a huge difference, and make our beautiful earth as green and healthy as we possibly can! Here are five easy tips to be more eco-friendly:


  1. Recycle more!

Recycling is a very effective way to help the environment. So much paper and plastic products go to waste every day, many of these products can be reused and this causes less strain on the environment. In today’s day and age, many people can go days without using pieces of paper because most people are tech-savvy and use their phones and computers in replace of paper. If you absolutely have to use paper, please make sure to recycle! As for plastic water bottles, they are easily replaceable with reusable water bottles!

2. Get a compost bin!

Compost bins are a great way to help the environment and reduce your garbage! If you have a garden, compost bins are great to have, the waste in there is great for healthy soil! This a great tip for gardeners. Compost waste helps plants grow better and healthier.

3. Purchase eco-friendly light bulbs!

Next time you go out to buy light bulbs, buy eco-friendly light bulbs! Eco-friendly light bulbs (compact fluorescent lamps and light emitting diodes) use less energy and can last much longer (in many cases at least five times longer) than traditional light bulbs. By doing this you can reduce your carbon footprint by 450 pounds a year! This not only helps the environment, but it can also help your energy bill!

4. Take shorter showers!

Taking shorter showers can really help reduce overall water consumption, and therefore the environment! You can install a low-flow shower head which uses less water than a standard showerhead. Even taking showers that are just five minutes shorter than your average showers, can help immensely. This not only helps the environment but also reduces your water bill!

5. Plant trees and flowers!

This has got to be my favourite tip that I am giving you guys! Taking the time to plant a few flowers, plants, or a tree can do so much good for this world. In our world today, everything is run by the economy and making a profit, and in many cases, our environment has to pay the price. With many trees being cut down for various reasons, two of them being to make paper and cardboard as well as to make room to build houses and other buildings, it is damaging our environment. Planting trees has so many benefits, such as providing homes for birds, squirrels, and other small animals, as well as absorbing carbon dioxide and other harmful gases while releasing oxygen into the air. Planting plants such as flowers help bees, and right now especially this is very important because bee populations are declining, so planting some flowers in your garden would be a great start to helping the environment and the bees!


Thank you everyone so much for reading my five quick tips to being more eco-friendly! I learned these tips from people, the internet, as well as other helpful sources! Once again, I appreciate you all taking the time to read my post, and remember to take baby steps with being eco-friendly, you don’t have to all of this right away, but trying to incorporate these tips into your daily life would help the environment so much, so let’s all work together to make our beautiful planet green and healthy again 🙂 Thank you everyone!


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