Easy salmon and eggs brunch recipe

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share a recipe with you guys! I found this recipe on youtube and I thought some of my fellow salmon lovers would be interested in it! I love salmon and I wanted a breakfast recipe with salmon incorporated into it, so I guess this would be considered a brunch recipe considering salmon is more of a lunch or dinner meal.

This recipe is very easy and simple!

This is all you need:

6 oz of salmon (or however much salmon you would like)

6 eggs

Two teaspoons of cream (this optional, but it does give the eggs a nice rich texture)

A few sprigs of dill (also optional but it does give a nice flavour)


So what you guys have to do is:

1. Clean and cut the salmon into medium chunks.

2. On a low-medium heat, lightly fry the salmon, some people like to put some seasoning or salt and pepper on the salmon, but for this recipe, I don’t put any seasoning on it.

3. Cook the salmon for about five minutes, until it is an opaque colour.

4. When the salmon is almost fully cooked, add in the beaten eggs.

5. Scramble the eggs nicely, and when the eggs are a little cooked but still very moist, add a splash of cream and continue scrambling.

6. Stir in some dill!


Guys this recipe is so easy yet so delicious for a nice little brunch. I know smoked salmon is a bit more popular but this is a delicious twist!

Try this recipe if you’d like and let me know how you liked it in the comments or on my Instagram! Thanks again for reading guys!

*Disclaimer: This is not my photo, this  is a photo I found online from food network, this photo uses smoked salmon instead of fresh salmon, but this is essentially what the recipe looks like*



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