My five tips for healthy hair

Hi everyone, I’m going to share tips with you guys that really helped me nurse my hair back to health. In high school, my hair suffered from dryness and I never knew why, I took care of it pretty good but it could have been a mix of not using the best products for my hair as well as hormonal imbalance because high school is a time when we all go through puberty. A few amazing shampoos and other good suggestions later my hair is a lot healthier, softer, and thicker.

These are my tips for healthier hair:

Tip #1: Get regular hair trims

I know some people may want to keep their hair nice and long but getting regular trims is important to get rid of split ends, you don’t have to cut off a lot, just a small amount every month or two helps keep your hair healthy.

Tip #2: Don’t shampoo your hair every day

I know it’s nice to have your hair feeling all clean and pretty but try not to wash your hair every day because your hair produces important essential oils that are necessary to condition and protect your hair.

Tip #3: Try to limit heat on hair

Straightening and applying direct intense heat on your hair can damage your hair’s hydrogen bonds. It can be very damaging and can dry out your hair. Try to limit the use of hair appliances on your hair as much as you can.

Tip #4: Best shampoo for your hair

It took me forever to find good shampoos that actually worked to make my hair soft and healthy. My hair is very particular on the shampoos that it likes and luckily I found some great shampoos that keep my hair healthy and soft. I’ll put some links below to some of my favourite shampoos that work wonders on my hair. But please remember guys that we all have different hair types so these shampoos may not work for your hair the same as it did for mine, but it’s worth a shot because these shampoos really did make my hair healthy again after a long time. 

Tip #5: Do not rub your hair dry

This may sound obvious guys, but treat your hair like silk! Rubbing your hair dry will break it and damage it. Try to gently squeeze the water out of your hair or get one of those microfibre towels (they’re amazing, especially for curly hair). 

I have naturally curly hair and I know a lot of my curly hair girls will understand how hard it is to keep our hair moisturized, straight hair retains moisture a lot easier. Using proper shampoos and products for our hair is extremely important. I also have some natural hair mask recipes that help keep my hair healthy, but I will share that another time 🙂

These are some of my favourite shampoos and links to microfibre towels 🙂


Emotional health

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to talk about ways to ensure and heal your emotional health. Emotional health is just as important as mental, and physical health. These tips are things that I’ve learned throughout my life and that I’ve learned from other people. They may some obvious, but sometimes you just need to hear it.

1.  Cut out all the negative people in your life.

Guys, I can’t stress this enough. Cutting out negative people who bring you down creates a huge difference in your life. You’ll be surprised as to how much happier and freer you’ll feel. I know it’s hard but it will make you feel so much better

2.  Think positive

People who think negative thoughts are not going to have positive lives. When you change your thoughts, you change your life. Those who want different results, but are doing the same thing over and over again, are living in a world of insanity (I believe Albert Einstein said something along the same lines). If people truly realized the power of the brain, we would never want to think a negative thought again.

3.  Exercise

Exercise is not only good for your body, but it is good for your mind and soul. Exercising releases serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine which helps against the symptoms of stress and depression. Exercise is good for you overall and for every part of your well being.

I know these tips are simple guys but they change your life drastically. You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel about yourself and in general. Also, I am going to try to post at least once a week. Sorry for not posting as much, I will try to change that. Hope everyone had a great summer!